Tips for beginner poker players

As a beginner new to poker, you need all the help you can get. In poker, a new player can learn a lot, which helps in improving skills. As you become a better player, you would need less help, and new information about the game won’t matter so much. Using the tips for beginner poker players, you can save a lot of money initially, as you learn not to make some common mistakes made when people play poker and transform yourself to being a winning player.

Amateur poker players are often not selective with hands when they’re starting off. Not every hand can be a winner, but some hands can be complicated for a beginner and will lose you money. So be selective about the hands you play. You might have seen a lot of bluffing in the world championships, but remember that only highlights of matches are shown. In reality, players actually don’t bluff much. You should concentrate on playing your cards well, rather than bluffing, as the skill to bluff comes with a lot of practice.

Tips for beginner poker players

Tips for beginner poker players
Tips for beginner poker players

Think of your rival’s cards too

It’s good to think of your opponent’s cards too, as well as your own, and if they have a better hand you should be ready to fold. You can read more about hands and how to find out what kind of cards your rival has.

Play with those who play worse

Playing with players who are not better than you, will give you a better chance of winning. Also, choose the limits and games you play wisely, so that you can win a little at least. You can chat with other poker players on online forums and learn from these discussions.

Concentrate on the game

Concentrate on how the other players are playing their hands, even if you’re not playing that hand, to learn the ‘tells’ of the other players. You might see the moves made by the players when they have a bad hand or when they have a good hand, and learn from them, and maybe you’d beat them next time.

How to choose a poker room online

Select a site which has No limit or fixed limit, which have simple graphics and loads fast. Sites with flashy graphics might make you confused when you’re playing. There are free online poker games which cannot be downloaded but you can play these games in your web browser, on your laptop, desktop or a smartphone.

Don’t start in a game at high limits

As a beginner, you should not jump in a game at the high limits, because it means that the players are better than you. You would lose money trying to win against better players. The second reason you should not play at high limits, because you would drop money which you can’t afford to lose. Always decide before playing, the amount of money you can afford to lose.

Practice playing for free first

Some experts feel that money plays an important role in poker, and if you train on free, you may not be able to play for money later. But commonsense says that if you’re absolutely new to the game, you should play a few games for free to understand the game, and then graduate to playing for money.

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