The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site In Malaysia

Sportsqq288 has added a spice for the players who are primarily focused on sports bet online. The developers decided to add more promos to cater the wide range of players who are conscious in sports betting. Compared to other websites, Sportsqq288 The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site In Malaysia has launched the jackpot tracker menu starting to a big blast of $50 million and still counting. It clearly manifested that the new Sportsqq288 website stick to the commitment for massive upgrade in terms of giving jackpot prizes. The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site In Malaysia listed some enticing promotional guides and information that will help the players on choosing the best strategy to win the sports online betting game. The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site In Malaysia The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site In Malaysia
  • Sports Book Weekly Cash Rebate 2%

Regular log-in users will receive a 2% cash rebate on playing of any sports book games connected to Sportsqq288. The minimum cash payout is according to Asian currencies such as Indonesian Rupiah (1 Indonesian Rupiah), Malaysian Ringgit (0.5 Malaysian Ringgit) and Vietnamese Dong(1 Vietnamese Dong). The terms and conditions applied on this promo. The payout will be given during Mondays.

  • Extra Bonus 100%

It applies on all the users that have necessary reward points after playing the Sportsqq288 in five consecutive days. Only sports betting providers such as 368-Bet, O-Sport and 188-Sport are covered on this promo. The players will receive a validation code upon the promo registration prompted by Sportsqq288. The minimum bet values are the following:

  • 500 Indonesian Rupiah
  • 250 Malaysian Ringgit
  • 1000 Thailand Baht
  • 150 Burmese Kyat
  • C-Sports Mix Parlay Cash Back 100%

This promo applies to all the deposit members engaged to C-Sports. This promo was clearly specified to the mix parlay bets only. The minimum bet values according to some Asian currency are 20 Indonesian Rupiah, 100 Malaysian Ringgit, 120 Thailand Baht and 110 Burmese Kyat. It is available at only 5 matches. Based on the procedure, the players are required to contact the lie chat support to claim the 100% cash back. C-Sports will provide a mix parlaytickets that will be subject for only 24 hour claiming period. Those players who lose the match will receive only 40 percent of bonus.

  • Refer a Friend to Win

Sportsqq288 account holders can receive the following bonus cash payouts according to Asian currency after they refer a friend who can be interested in sports betting online. Any member of the player’s family is prohibited on engaging this promo. A referred person should register and just only entered the name of the referrals provided in the registration menu. On this promo, the player could only refer the maximum of 5 friends. The minimum bet values are the following: 20 Indonesian Rupiah, 40 Malaysian Ringgit, 100 Thailand Baht, and 110 Burmese Kyat.

  • Mobile Sports Betting Free Play

For those who want to try the mobile sports betting websites, Sportsqq288 is offering free play promos. All the sports betting providers are included in this promo. It is valid for one bet only. The reimbursement of bets is subject only for the players who lose the game. Just contact the live chat support for any assistance. If the players win the first bet, it won’t be eligible for any reimbursement. The player could receive this winning perk according to the following currencies:  10 Indonesian Rupiah,30 Malaysian Ringgit, 60 Thailand Baht and 40 Burmese Kyat.

Customer Service

If there are any concerns, just leave a message at the right bottom of the Sportsqq288 website interface and the customer service support will let answer some queries.

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